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Our first collection is inspired by the ocean & a most fearless, intelligent, and adaptable creature– the Octopus. This enigmatic being keeps its environment entangled in its playful grip, dancing to the beats of its three hearts. Keen to the smallest of details, this collection celebrates the man with his ever-evolving passion and authenticity all the way through. While society rides the waves and adapts to new conventions, style has evolved for comfort that still seeks a genuine, creative canvas. The colors and textures of this limited collection speak for themselves, shifting the tides with looks to achieve a personal state of mastery... the eleventh state.

Shell Gray Suit-min_edited.png

Shell Gray Casual Suit

‘Take me anywhere’ suit and always, relinquish limited thinking.
Fabric by Ermengildo Zegna
(100% sustainable superfine Australian wool & silk)

A breathable, fresh, high-performance fabric, ideal for producing casual suits and conveying a ‘green’ message. 

Pocket Square 1.png

Lush Forest Casual Suit

A chance to break out of the world’s perceptions of suits.
Fabric by Ariston

(Green suit)

Sometimes camouflaging yourself in an unexpected color
can leave you feeling playful and powerful.

Ocotpus Arm 2.png
Lush Forest Suit-min_edited.png

 Specially-Crafted Pieces 

Red Jacket Sq.png

Rouge Ecru Jacket

Releases dopamine.

Fabric by Dormeuil

55% Wool / 45% Silk
Notched lapels / Two-button closure
Lower patch pockets, chest welt pocket
Double vent
Dry Clean

Blue Jacket Sq.png

Fluid Blue Jacket

May cause interesting conversations.

Fabric by Loro Piana

68% Wool / 20% Silk / 12% Linen
Notched lapels / Two-button closure
Lower flap pockets; chest welt pocket
Double vent
Dry clean

Sunset Jacket Sq.png

Sunset Bliss Jacket

Will cause compliments.

Fabric by Loro Piana
(Siena brown w/ blue windowpane)

50% Silk  / 48% Cashmere
Notched lapels / Two-button closure
Lower patch pockets, chest welt pocket
Double vent 
Dry clean

White Pants Sq.png

Foam White Pants

Causes outbreaks of pleasure.

Fabric by Solbiati
(White denim)

56% Cotton / 44% Linen
Five pocket styling, back welt pockets
Zip fly, button closure
Dry clean

 Dress Shirts 

Volcanic Sq.png

Volcanic Island Print Shirt

Far too dynamic to wear blue everyday.

(Red print shirt)


100% Cotton

British spread collar / Two-button square cuffs

Machine wash

Blue Sucker Sq.png

Blue Suckers Shirt

May appear stronger in this shirt.

(Blue pattern shirt)


100% Cotton

British spread collar / One-button angle cuff

Machine wash

Blue Sq.png

Rapture of the Deep Dive Blue Shirt

Reverses any sign of tiredness & reduces
flare-ups of self-questioning.

Fabric by Solbiati

100% Linen, aloe treated

Italian spread collar / Two-button square cuff

Dry clean

Harlequin Oct Blue Sq.png

Harlequin Octopus Striped Shirt

Known for its intelligence & gregarious nature.

Fabric by Solbiati


71% Linen / 29% Cotton, aloe treated

British spread collar / Two-button square cuffs

Double square pocket w/ point flap button through

Machine wash

Khaki Sq.png

Khaki Overshirt

Everyday is an adventure.

(Ready for layering)

97% Cotton / 3% Lycra

Button-down collar / Two-button square cuffs

Two-is-better-than-one pockets

Square w/ point flap button-through

Contrast orange buttonhole on cuffs

Machine wash

White Shirt.png

Whitecapped White Shirt

Elevation of one's personal look & style

60% Cotton / 40% Linen

Italian spread collar
Two-button square cuff / No pockets

Dry clean

 Pocket Squares 

Octopoda Footer.jpg

My friend– the Octopus got me thinking even more about how connected we all are and how what we do has an influence over one another. Each of you influenced me over the last eighteen months and hopefully this will make a splash on your world and style. –  Catherine Conway, founder & creative director

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